Thursday, March 9, 2017

I want to apologize for being sexist.
Let me explain - there was a post a while back in my private Facebook group Let's talk Religion and Politics referencing a Breitbart article which boiled down to saying that men invented wonderful things for women such as the washing machine and yet women's happiness has declined since these inventions. The original post was someones attempt to justify their sexism. What I didn't realise is that it would lead to this revelation.
As you know I am a defender of not only equal rights but also equal opportunity, so it shocked me this morning when I realised how sexist I really am. So here is where I have strayed.
I assumed as most probably did that men invented these conveniences. the reality is that all we know is that men got the credit. See women have been inventing and contributing to inventions and discoveries for aeons, yet men are mostly granted the credit. Here is an article that references a few things that we know about - .
You might notice that the washing machine is not on this list. (We do know that Inventor Josephine Cochrane designed the dishwasher.) Even so, let's take a look at this. The scub board was the first washing machine and we have no idea if that was invented by a man or a woman but we can safely assume that even if the first manufactured version was produced by a man it was simple device that merely copied the process that women had been using. After than there are a number of versions of the washing machine, some manual variations, some motorised, and eventually computerised. There is at least one version invented by a woman Margaret Colvin. Women had a big part in the development of computer and programing so there is no way that men can be granted exclusivity to the invention of the washing machine.
Even so - let's say women had nothing to do with these inventions directly. You can rest assured that Women were cooking and cleaning and sewing and...... freeing up the man to invent. However we know for sure that women had a more direct and active role in many of our inventions along the way, inventions where men got the credit.
So let me apologize again for being sexist.

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