Thursday, June 8, 2017

If my Boss, bosses boss, or an authority figure says to me " do I have your loyalty" or "I hope you ____", these are threatening and commanding statements. This is very different than if a friend or acquaintance says the very same things.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

I got a peek inside the mind of a climate denier today.
First let me state that she somehow believes in rising sea levels. However she attributes this to landfill in China and Florida. She thinks that the building of tall buildings along coastal waters is enough to increase the overall sea level.
She also claims climate change is a hoax while simultaneously expressing that the warming is NOT due to human impact. Bizarre right?
Further she thinks CO2 is only emitted from cars and has no idea that coal is used for electricity
doesn't understand there are other greenhouse gasses such as CO
Thinks other countries are contributing more to the problem than the US (but I thought she didn't think humans were the cause of the problem she doesn't believe exists)
She thinks Trump was right to pull out of the Paris Agreement because of jobs but didn't know that one of the largest growing job sectors is renewable energy. She believes that renewable energy is great but didn't know that oil companies were opposed to leaving the Paris Agreement.
Just an example of the mental gymnastics one need to perform to support the conservative view on Climate.